The Beautiful Elk

Elk are beautiful animals that are tan in the summer and dark brown in the winter. They are also called red deer. They have thin long legs and a buff colored rump. Their legs, belly, neck, and head are colored darker than their sides and back. Elk typically have large ears and a long head.… Read more The Beautiful Elk

A Look at Bison

The native habitat of the bison is throughout North America in the wild areas of continent, from Mexico all the way up to Canada. Unfortunately, the bison have been hunted over the years for their meat and skin, as well as for fun and recreation. This has caused a huge decline in the amount of… Read more A Look at Bison

Threats to the Grasslands

We have all heard how the grasslands ecosystem is delicate. There are many things that threaten the grasslands all over the world. These landscapes of the grasslands are very sensitive to being disturbed. Many of them were forever changed as humans moved onto the land, plowed the grasses down for planting and building, replaced the… Read more Threats to the Grasslands

Grasslands Around the World

The Grasslands have always been important to the ecosystems of the world. They support many plants and animals and provide great hunting grounds for indigenous people. We are, unfortunately, seeing a decline in the grasslands all over the world. In North America, once the settlers from Europe came over, the grasslands all over the continent… Read more Grasslands Around the World

Prescribed Fires and Grasslands National Park

In 2008, Grasslands National Park had a meeting with neighbors and local stakeholders to create a Fire Management Plan. This plans focus was on sharing resources, how to use the fire, and controlling the fires. Prescribed burningĀ is an important part of keeping the Grasslands ecosystem healthy.

Endangered Spaces

The native grasslands, in the past one hundred years, have become known as a worldwide endangered biome. There have been many changes that have caused this to happen. One of the big ones is settlements in the grasslands. As people have made their homes in the grasslands, the Pronghorn Antelope has become nearly extinct, while… Read more Endangered Spaces